Team COED:

Commander-Emily Myers

Kirsten Williams
Shae Christenbery
Cate Webster
Niki Sakatis
Jon Dixon
Nicholas Holpp
Marhsall Symmes
Jacob Dawson
Spencer Murphy
Nathan Moore
Quinten Smith

Recent Competitions:

The Coed Team placed 1st overall at the Adairsville High School competition, as well as 1st place in every event they competed in (Tire Flip, 5k, CCR, Gauntlet, Rope Bridge, Obstacle Course)

Adairsville High School-

CCR – 1st
Rope Bridge – 1st
Team Run – 1st
Gauntlet- 1st
Tire Flip – 1st
Obstacle Course – 1st

Riverside High School-

CCR – 1st
Rope Bridge – 4th
Team Run – 1st
PTT – 1st
Tire Flip – 4th

Campbell High School-

CCR – 1st
Obstacle Course – 1st
Team Run – 1st
Ammo Can Carry – 1st
Rope Bridge – 2nd

Hiram High School-

CCR – 1st
Team Run – 1st
Fitness Test – 1st
Obstacle Course – 1st
Rope Bridge – 2nd

Hendersonville High School-

CCR – 1st
Rope Bridge – 1st
Survival Run – 1st
Obstacle Course – 1st
Iron Mike – 1st
Rappelling/Knot Tying – 2nd

The past weekend wrapped up the Grissom Raider season. As #1 in the state, the Tiger battalion
traveled to Molena Georgia for the raider national championship against teams from all over the
country, which represented more than 1700 JROTC programs. Being the largest raider competition in
the country, the competition events consist of: a one-mile cross country rescue, a one-mile ruck run, a
5k team run, a physical team test, and one rope bridge. The male team, led by senior Trent Avery,
competed against 40 teams in the male category consisting of not only public schools, but military high
school academies as well. The male team placed 7 th overall placing 5 th in the physical team test. The male
team consists of
– Trent Avery
– JP Thew
– Kaleb Nelson
– Max Webster
– Jarod Stuart
– John Shustack
– Dhamir Hasan
– Jackson Stuart
– Ethan Link
– Kevin Lew
– Nick Owens
– Trevor MacDonad
– Aaron Stuart
The Coed team, led by senior Emily Myers, also competed against 35 coed teams that are not only public
high schools but military high school academies. The coed team placed 2 nd place in the nation, placing 1 st
in the 5k, 2 nd in the physical team test, 2 nd in the ruck run, 4 th in cross country rescue, and 4 th in rope bridge. The coed team consists of
– Emily Myers
– Jon Dixon
– Kirsten Williams
– Shae Christenbery
– Niki Sakatis
– Nicholas Holpp
– Marshall Symmes
– Quinten Smith
– Jacob Dawson
– Nathan Moore
– Spencer Murphy
– Cate Webster
The most significant accomplishment was the individual award won by senior Emily Myers who
competed in the Ultimate Raider competition which is a strictly individual event among the most
elite cadets competing at the national competition. This event names the strongest and fastest
cadet in the country by challenging the cadet’s stamina, endurance, and mental and physical
toughness over a two mile course while negotiating multiple obstacles, all while carrying a 35 lb
pack. Emily Myers placed 1 st in the nation as ultimate raider female champion with a time that
was top 3 out of the last 10 years of competition!