Competition Descriptions

Competitions are the times to show what you can do after the many months of training.  Generally, the teams will travel together and camp out the entire weekend of the competition.  The following will give some descriptions of the various events that may occur during the competition.

Cross Country Rescue – This event involves the team to carry various equipment over a 1+ mile course, going over, under and through obstacles without incurring time penalties in the quickest time possible.  The typical equiment carried by the team are a 150-250 pound stretcher, ammunition cans, ammunition crates, water drums and “mock” rifles.

Rope Bridge – This challenge is for the team to get the entire team across a water obstacle using one 150 ft. rope and two support trees.  This event by far is the most technically challenging event.  One mess up in establishing the rope bridge can cost your team the championship.

Obstacle Course/Ranger Challenge – These types of events contain different challenges to test a team’s agility and strength.  The most common obstacles are climbing over various sizes of walls, walk balance beams, transversing inverted ladders, crossing rivers, etc.  Each competition can vary in the types of obstacles that you will face.

PTT (Physical Training Test) – This event will challenge the strength and endurance of a team.  The team gets timed and judged as a unit in running a specified distance (typically 1 mile), doing some sort of strength events as in pushups, situps, water jug carry, etc. This event is sometimes alternated to be an Ammo Can Carry or the Fitness Test

Tire Flip – This event consists of raw strength. The team will flip a large (~500lb) tire down to a marquee, and will generally return the tire back the the starting line, crossing it completely. The teams will split into two groups of five each, trading when they reach the halfway point.

Hendersonville High School Events:

Survival Run – This event is a two mile ruck run through the forest. This tests the endurance and strength of the team and builds trust with each teammate. Every team member has a ruck, so there is no option to take the easy route.

Iron Mike – This is a multistage event which requires each team member to have not only endurance, but physical strength. Starting the event, the team must complete 75 pull-ups in order to move on. Next there is a tire flip. After this physical challenge, the team must then run two miles to the finish line.

Rappelling/Knot Tying – The team will split up into two groups, four for rappelling, and 6 for rock climbing. The four team members must rappel down a 65 foot tower, taught and belayed by the rappel master. The six other team members much scale another side of the tower, reaching three different checkpoints, maxing out points when they reach the third checkpoint. After completing these events, the team will proceed to tie knots at a nearby location. These are the square-knot with two half-hitches, prusik, fisherman’s knot, end of the line bowline, and the wireman’s knot.