Cyberpatriot Team


The Grissom JROTC Cyberpatriot Teams are nationally ranked teams that focus on securing and hardening servers and virtual computers at each competition. Each competition consists of  a six hour timeframe to defend a virtual computer against potential attacks, while keeping it useful for specific tasks given in a README. Another task is to complete a Packet Tracer, which is basically setting up a virtual LAN network, and keeping it secure. The virtual machines are run on laptops inside of any room that has internet connection at Grissom High School.

This scholastic year, our Varsity team (Platinum) has placed 2nd in the State competition, and 1st in the Nation for Regionals!
Our Junior Varsity team (Gold) placed 1st in the State competition.

To see the scores for each competition, click here

JP Thew
Joe Tomlinson
Marshall Symmes
Meg Compton
Kristen Herder
Everett Cooper

Junior Varsity:
Tyler Root
Brian Kent
Corbin Rice
Jessica Mendoza
Noah Stuckey
Zach McDonald