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Cadre: Master Sergeant Hamilton
2017-18 Male Team Commander: c/LTC: John Shustack
2017-18 Coed Team Commander: c/1LT: Quinten Smith

The GHS Military Skills Team (MST) is highly recognized nationally for its success at many Raider’s Competitions over the years.  It is not uncommon for our teams to return from competitions with numerous trophies.

MST equates to the “Ranger Challenge Team” which is found at most college level ROTC units in the United States.  It is a physically and mentally challenging sport that consists of an 10-12 person team.  The competitions generally consist of Cross Country Rescue, Rope Bridge, Obstacle Course, Physical Training Test, Ranger Challenges, and other various events.

Both the male and females put forth many hours of practice and workouts in order to remain one of the nations best raider teams.   Workouts begin in the summer to prepare for the competitions that occur during the fall semester.  However, once the season ends, the team’s workouts do continue. The season consists of Multiple Raider Challenge meets, ending with the Army National Raider Challenge in early November.

MST is open to any cadet that is willing to work hard and put forth their very best each and every day.

So, what are the competitions like?

Team 1:

Commander-John Shustack
Kevin Lew
Ethan Link
Jacob Dawson
Spencer Murphy
Jackson Stuart
Dhamir Hasan
Trevor MacDonald
Hogan Snyder
Luke Wylie
Marshall Symmes
Aaron Stuart

Team COED:

Commander- Quinten Smith
Dakeis Reed
Nicholas Holpp
Cate Webster
Chris Hennessey
Nathon Moore
Gabby Webster
Jennie Murphy
Noah Stuckey
Sierra Shepard