Father/Daughter Night Out

Benefits of Father-Daughter Night Out

As a dad, you set your daughter’s expectations for how the rest of the men in her life will treat her. She looks to you for approval, attention and admiration. She needs to know from you that she’s lovely, strong, capable, kind and brave.  

She needs to know that you respect her feelings and her voice … as you will want all of the other boys and men who follow you to do.     

Events such as the Father Daughter Night Out are opportunities to spend quality time and show the real-life expectation of how a lady should be treated.  It’s also a time to be intentional and to instill values into your daughter that will affect her earthly and eternal life.

When you spend quality time with your daughter, you have an opportunity to focus on her and call out the good you see in her. Remind her regularly of the beauty God has placed inside of her—and outside too—so she sees herself as more than just her looks. 





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